Get to Know Koçfinans

Koçfinans is a financing company mainly operating in the automotive, mortgage, service, education, furniture sectors and similar areas.

Get to Know Koçfinans

Koçfinans is a financing company mainly operating in the automotive, mortgage, service, education, furniture sectors and similar areas.

Koçfinans is a financing company providing loans mainly for the automotive, white appliances and consumer electronics, kitchen and furniture, motorcycle, education and real estate sectors.

Koçfinans, subject to the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) as per Law No. 6361, is also a member of Association of Financial Leasing, Factoring and Financing Companies (FKB). 

Koçfinans was established in 1995 to provide consumers with direct financing; it is Turkey’s first and leading financing company, and it offers loan services across many sectors.

Through its industry-leading expertise in loans, Koçfinans provides a wide variety of flexible financing products and meets the financing requests of its customers swiftly and simply, requiring few steps and no formalities, either before or during the sales process.

In addition to financing retail purchases, Koçfinans operates in the corporate finance field. Koçfinans offers financing solutions in a range of areas, from dealer financing to fleet and heavy vehicle procurement, supporting the commercial successes of its business partners and meeting their financial needs. Flexible cash-flow-oriented payment options and project-based financing support add value, making the commercial lives of corporate clients easier to manage.

Koçfinans expanded its already extensive range of financing options into the automotive sector, offering loans for vehicles ranging from zero km to secondhand and from passenger and light commercial to heavy commercial vehicles. The company now also provides insurance services—such as comprehensive vehicle insurance, loan protection insurance and life insurance loans—in tandem with its other automotive loans, thanks to insurance agency activity permissions obtained in 2008.

Koçfinans, operating under a branch-free model, originally established membership agreements with dealers and brands in target sectors, receiving customer loan applications from them. The new Online Automation System, developed to streamline this process, is the first web-based loan application portal in Turkey. Automation drives most of the processes, from the evaluation of an application to its approval, and this allows Koçfinans to respond to loan applications within approximately 30 minutes.

In order to create solutions on a digital platform that meet customers’ needs, Koçfinans offers online services. Customers can perform numerous transactions related to their loans at any time, anywhere, as the platform supports mobile self-service. The online platform makes certain transactions, such as displaying repayment plans and account activities or learning about early closure amounts and removal of pledge especially simple.

Koçfinans actualized its Online Application platform in 2017, enabling the company to digitally receive direct loan applications from potential clients. This achievement reflects the company’s new focus on digitizing loan processes and creating pioneering and alternative access channels, all in the service of increasing innovation, improving customer orientation and transforming the digital sphere. The Online Application feature makes applying for a loan a swift and simple multi-step process. After signing into the application platform, clients choose which type of loan they require and instantly learn their application results. Applicants with favorable results receive instant pre-approval and referrals to Koçfinans-contracted dealers.

Koçfinans adopts a progressive strategy in the field of human resources as well. It places great value on the innovative ideas of its employees, the realization and application of these ideas and employees’ participation in forward-looking, self-directed projects. As the original company in the sector, Koçfinans adds value to its arena through its innovative business culture and highly-trained, quality team.

 Koçfinans aims to provide the fastest, simplest, highest quality loan services available to all its customers. Its excellent team, avant-garde, dynamic business processes and technological infrastructure make this possible.