Life Insurance with Loan

Secure your payments against the risk of death, which may occur as your payments continue, by including Life Insurance with Loan in your loan package.

If receive a loan from Koçfinans without life insurance, you have 30 days to add insurance.

The policy and special and general term documents include detailed information, exceptions and limits regarding the warranty.

Allianz Hayat ve Emeklilik AŞ. Motor Insurance provides Koçfinans insurance products.

Policy and special and general terms documents include detailed Information, exceptions and limits regarding the warranty.

Who benefits?

  • Real persons with loans from Koçfinans
  • Legal entities with loans from Koçfinans and with a guarantor
  • People who are at least 18 years old and will be no older than 65 years at the end of the loan maturity term
  • People with loans paid in equal installments
  • People without any disabilities or ongoing or chronic diseases


Permanent Employees Housewives, Students, Retired Persons
Life Warranty

Life Warranty

With a life warranty, your insurance company forgives your entire loan debt in the case of your death. This benefit covers every individual who purchases a Life Warranty.