Motor Insurance

The motor insurance policy optionally included in your loan package secures your vehicle against possible risks; payments are calculated in accordance with your loan’s maturity term.

If you acquire a loan from Koçfinans without motor insurance, you have 30 days to add insurance.

Policy and special and general terms documents include detailed Information, exceptions and limits regarding the warranty.

Who Benefits?

  • Real people with loans from Koçfinans
  • Legal entities with loans from Koçfinans and with a guarantor


  • Crash, Collision, Fire
  • Theft
  • Civil Commotion, Terror
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Financial Obligation to Third Parties
  • Personal Accident
  • Legal Protection
  • Withdrawals by Unauthorized Persons
  • Cigarette Burn
  • Key Theft
  • Personal Possession Warranty
  • Immaterial Compensation
  • Overseas Warranty
  • Treatment Cost Warranty
  • Warranty purchased based on the style of use (carried load, revenue loss, etc.)