Time for “New Things” through the Koç Innovation Program

Koçfinans, among the companies voluntarily participating in Koç Holding’s Koç Innovation Program, organized the ceremony to launch the Innovation Program on March 24th, and Koç Holding’s CEO Levent Çakıroğlu delivered the opening speech. Pınar Kitapçı, Koçfinans’ General Manager and the company’s Innovation Leader, stated that innovation, creativity and customer-orientation were their focal areas in the transformational journey that commenced in 2014 and that these elements shaped the vision and mission of the company.

In her presentation, Kitapçı gave examples from around the world and the sector, sharing what innovation requires and highlighting the importance of listening to and valuing customers’ perspectives. She also explained that employees’ courage and creativity lie at the heart of all innovative ideas and ideas that do originate with customers will pull the company away from true innovation.

Koçfinans employees introduced the Innovation Program’s name and logo, “New Things,” through a surprise game. They explained that the plus signs included in the logo highlighted the value the program will contribute to the company and its employees. Employees responded to the “New Things” Innovation Program, which will lay the foundation for future projects in the company, with great excitement.