The Renewed kocfinans.com.tr Wins Four Prestigious Awards

Koçfinans’ corporate web site, kocfinans.com.tr, underwent a re-design in 2014, and subsequently received a series of prestigious awards in various global and local web competitions. This year, it received the silver award in the Finance category at the Communicator Awards and the Horizon Interactive Awards competitions; the Favorite of the Public award in the Banking and Finance category at 12th Golden Spider Web Awards; and the Standard of Excellence awards in the Banking and Finance category at WebAwards. Its new design earned kocfinans.com.tr these distinctions.

Golden Spider

Golden Spider, among the most prestigious web competitions in our country, brought together leading brands in the sector together for a fierce competition. At the 12th edition of the competition in 2014, kocfinans.com.tr received the Favorite of the Public award in the banking and finance category, coming out ahead of its rivals.

Horizon Interactive Awards

The 12th edition of the U.S.-based Horizon Interactive Awards, at which many prestigious brands compete in an international arena with project about digital environments, took place this year. kocfinans.com.tr competed in the finance category and received the silver prize.

Communicator Awards

The Communicator Awards, which celebrated its 20th edition in 2014, also deemed Koçfinans’ corporate website award worthy. In the competition, supported by the Academy of Visual Arts, kocfinans.com.tr received the silver prize, out-performning many prestigious brands to do so.

Web Awards

Koçfinans received the Standard of Excellence in the Banking and Finance category at the international 2014 WebAwards, organized by the Web Marketing Association.