Our Second-hand Online Application Project Wins 3rd Place

Our E-kf Second-hand Online Application Platform Project received the third place prize in the Customer Experience category of the Finance Technology Award Ceremony organized by IDC Turkey on November 20th, 2017. Leading corporations in the finance sector were in attendance. Thirty-six projects from 20 companies, ranging in focus from fintechs to large-scale banking and financing, participated in the 2017 awards. A jury consisting of CIOs, executive managers and academics from leading institutions in the industry evaluated the competitors.

With our award-winning project, realized during our company’s digital transformation process, we aimed to provide customers financing second-hand vehicle purchases with a high-quality user experience on a digital platform. Customers can apply for Koçfinans’ second-hand vehicle loans instantly through channels like fordikinciel.com, sahibinden.com and others, simply by using the second-hand online loan application platform. Our online application platform helps customers calculate loan amounts based on the features and price of the vehicle they wish to buy. After specifying their conditions, they can submit loan applications and receive results immediately.

We pride ourselves in having created a customer experience-oriented platform, as our “customer first” approach is our most important company value, and we are proud that the jury deemed our project award worthy.