We received the project award at IDC Finance Technology Conference on Thursday, October 20th. As Koçfinans, we support our applications with database servers managed in our own system room. A few years ago, we moved our servers to the Koçsistem data center. We update our database servers with new technology and capacity upgrades every four years, and this year, we decided to transition to supercluster servers provided by the Koçsistem Maximus Exa cloud service. This led us to initiate our project. We now have access to exadata technology, which we did not consider purchasing ourselves due its high cost. In addition, thanks to the infrastructure support the shared cloud service offers, we now have better security, management, performance and capacity advantages as well as higher SLA levels. This cost-effective solution gives us a flexible capacity well-suited to the ever-changing market and our evolving company needs. Starting with the POC stage, we smoothly transitioned to the new servers, our team collaborating harmoniously with the Koçsistem team.