Message from the General Manager

“ As we protect our competitive structure, invest in technology, innovation and human resources; focus on new markets, products and increase our strength in existing markets; We will carry Koçfinans to the future with solid steps.” - Yeşim Pınar Kitapçı

Dear Customers, Shareholders, Investors, Business Partners and Employees,

Koçfinans, established to provide alternatives and solutions to the financing needs of our customers, continues to operate with a branch-free structure, relying on dealers that offer relevant goods and/or services. It remains the first and only local brand in the independent financing sector and operates mainly in automotive industry, also offering loans for mortgages, durable consumption and consumer electronics, services, education, furniture and similar areas.

We Diversify Our Product Range.

Paralleling the consistent and healthy growth of Turkey’s economy, we provide loans in ever-increasing volumes to new retail clients’ automotive industry vehicle purchases as well as purchases of second hand vehicles and all vehicles needed by commercial customers. By the end of 2012, our product range also included tractor loans and we prepared easy payment terms for farmers. Our branch-free business model makes a difference in the sector and increases our access to customer segments searching for durable consumer goods and consumer electronics as well as real estate loans, secured mortgage loans, motorcycles, education and other service sectors. In addition to these solutions, we also provide intermediary insurance services to support our loans and offer dealer financing services to our dealers.

We approach customer services as perfectionists and highly value effective process management.

We offer a high-capacity, fast-paced call center for customer and dealers, complete with an efficient interactive voice response system. Our loan evaluation solutions, fully developed through our internal resources, provide a unique, flexible, efficient, uninterrupted infrastructure designed to meet new needs as well as traditional ones. We continuously improve and develop our processes by regularly monitoring their effectiveness through our reporting systems and taking necessary actions to further refine our services.

We realize our goal of sustainable profitability.

We take firm, clear steps to achieve our sustainable profitability goals, further enhancing our leading position among financing companies by introducing innovative new products and contributing to Turkey’s economy.

We take intentional steps to propel Koçfinans into the future.

Our competitive structure ensures Koçfinans’ relevant position in financing’s future. We continuously invest in technology, innovation and human resources, while focusing on new markets and products and increasing our power in existing markets.
I would like to express my gratitude to our customers, business partners and dealers, all of whom are the most valuable contributors to Koçfinans’ success. Specifically, I thank our customers for preferring us, our investors for trusting us and our shareholders for their unending support.

Kind regards,

General Manager
Koç Finansman A.Ş.