Career Planning

Candidates with university degrees begin working in our company as authorized. They receive horizontal and vertical promotions based on the Koç Performance Assessment System, which takes into account job families, grades and levels. We offer equal opportunity training sessions to support personal development. We prioritize the assessment of our employees for needed positions and provide a range of support options, enabling employees to development in ways that align with their potential.

Education and Development

We conduct Education and Development Planning in accordance with company policies and business goals after determining the areas in which our employees could improve. We group Education Development Plans into the categories of Executive Development Training, Vocational Education, Computer and Technology Training, Personal Development Training and Project Studies. The mandatory Orientation Program and On-the-Job Training Program teaches new employees the processes and systems related to their positions.

Performance Management

We take a goal-oriented approach to performance management. Goals are determined annually on a department and individual basis, and they align with company goals. We conduct performance assessments at the end of the year. The 360 Degree Competency Assessment System that we adopted supports employee development.

Suggestion and Reward Systems

Suggestion and reward systems enhance the working environment and make a difference by promoting a creative, innovative corporate culture that welcomes change. Following periodically announced assessments, those who offer the best suggestions and ideas receive annual rewards.