From small house appliances and electronics to large, built-in products, easily acquire the Arçelik and Beko products of your dreams, all through the Koçfinans KrediDakik!

For loan needs of 500 TL or more, consider the benefits of a product-specific campaign, or an “installed price for cash price.” Apply for a direct loan with no requisite advance payment and complete installment payments in stores or with payment points.

Apply for Koçfinans’ white appliances and home electronics loan via the Online Application, completing just a few steps, or visit contracted Arçelik and Beko stores and have your application evaluated immediately.


for Arçelik and Beko Products

Maturity terms up to 24 months

Immediate evaluation

Calculation of Installment Amount
Lütfen girdiğiniz kredi tutarını/vadesini değiştirerek tekrar deneyin.
Installment Amount -
Interest Rate %-

Step by Step Loans


Required Documents

  • Proof of residence or a phone, electricity, natural gas or water bill from the past 3 months and in the name of the consumer
  • Identification documentation
Important Note:

Regarding loan approval, the accuracy of the address, required pursuant to the Law Regarding the Prevention of Laundering of Crime Revenues and the Regulation on Precautions Regarding the Prevention of Laundering of Crime Revenues and Terrorism Financing, must be confirmed by a subscription invoice in the name of the consumer for one of the past three months, such as a communication, electricity, natural gas bill, or a document or certificate of residence issued by any public institute (e.g., tax certificate, etc.).

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